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Systemigram is a portmanteau word taken from systemic and diagram. It is therefore a diagram but one that is faithful to pre-existing prose; in other words one should not attempt to construct a systemigram from first thoughts. Rather it is a structured translation of the words and meanings that appertain to a piece of structured writing that for example captures strategic intent.

A solid portion of our book (Systemic Thinking: Building Maps for Worlds of Systems) is dedicated to systemigrams, their construction and use as a communication tool, and how they relate to other forms of systems thinking such as causal loop diagrams and soft systems methodology.

Below are many examples of systemigrams; some of which appear in our book. Click on any systemigram image to download a pdf copy of the systemigram. Some systemigram files show the scenes that make up the systemigram.


SystemiTool is the name of the software tool we provide to support the creation, editing and portrayal, in the form of a storyboard of scenes, of systemigrams.

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Alternatively, if your employer has bought a bulk supply of our book then that company will have been granted an enterprise license and you will be entitled to your own copy of this tool via your company.

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Boardman Soft Systems Methodology

(Stuart Wingrove/Brian Sauser)

Bid/No Bid Proposal

(John Boardman)

The IED Problem

(John Boardman)

Small Combat Unit Load

(Andy Taylor/Brian Sauser)

The Intelligence Community

(John Boardman)

What is Resilience

(Brian Sauser)

DHS Small Vessel Security Strategy

(Brian Sauser)

Plagiarism in Higher Education

(Shobi Sivadasan)

UK Rail Network

(John Boardman)


(Jennifer Bayuk)

Performance Based Logistics and Service Dominate Logic

(Brian Sauser/Wesley Randall/David Nowicki)