Systemigram is a portmanteau word taken from systemic and diagram. It is therefore a diagram but one that is faithful to pre-existing prose; in other words one should not attempt to construct a systemigram from first thoughts. Rather it is a structured translation of the words and meanings that appertain to a piece of structured writing that for example captures strategic intent.

A solid portion of our book is dedicated to systemigrams, their construction and use as a communication tool, and how they relate to other forms of systems thinking such as causal loop diagrams and soft systems methodology.

You can obtain free copies of several systemigrams from this site. Please note that these programs will only run on PCs at this time.

These can be reproduced using SystemiTool which you may also be able to download from this site if you either own a personal copy of our book or your employer has an enterprise license.

We also invite you to send us your attempts to use the systemigram technique and we will consider these systemigram examples for inclusion in our portfolio of examples.

Several examples we provide are the work of our graduate students. To download a copy of any of these systemigrams, which will work in conjunction with SystemiTool, click on the icon below the respective systeymigam.

Hurrican Katrina
Hurricane Katrina (Christine Ballard)

Net-centricity (Donnie Blair)


USAF Combat Strategy
USAF Combat Strategy Story
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